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Rachna Prasad

Rachna Prasad

Cofounder, Producer, Director

Rachna wants to know why you chose that career, how he proposed, and why she wears that locket every day. The small talk on the playground simply whetted her appetite to know more about the people in her community. She soon began hosting a monthly Story Night at home. After binging on storytelling podcasts and exhausting her friends and family, a trip to a live event in Chicago convinced her that colorful and diverse Naperville was the perfect place for a show! After co-founding First Person Live, she is excited to dig more deeply into local stories and storytellers with The People Tree.
At home, Rachna strives to stay one step ahead of the three kids she shares with her husband Jesse, all while trying to make the perfect cup of chai. She's almost nailed it. The chai that is. The kids are another story.

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Claire Dee

Cofounder, Producer, Director

As a child growing up in 1980s England, Claire enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table listening to family lore about playing in WWII bomb craters, carrying musical instruments across fields and outrunning a charging bull! She has always been fascinated by the power storytelling wealds. We are changed when we really listen. 
She has performed live at Naperville's Ghost stories in the park, in the dark and The People Tree, but her true passion is helping storytellers "find their message" and develop their stories.

In 2021 Claire, her huband, 2 kids and 2 cats moved to Virginia and they have now added a puppy to the clan.

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Simi Krishnan

Producer, Director

Simi is a storyteller by nature both in and out of work! But it’s not just about telling a story,  her true passion is listening to people and hearing their stories, even where they think there isn’t one!! Her belief is, there is a story everywhere, small or large, there is always a story, and she strives to find it!

Her home is a collection of interesting characters, including her 2 children and husband Adi. They thrive on cooking together and trying new recipes at every chance. Good food, good stories and a good glass of red makes for a perfect evening at the Krishnan household!


Matt Jones


Matt Jones.


Adrienne Harvey

Event Photographer

Adrienne Harvey.


Roli Prasad


Roli Prasad.


Carrie Simkins


Carrie Simkins