All stories matter.  

Do you have an experience, insight or a message to share? A time in your life that was challenging, but on reflection has made you stronger/better/wiser? An experience that was so ridiculous it seems implausible? A transformative experience, or a daily ritual that makes you who you are.....


We want to hear YOUR STORY!



We offer free workshops for people to practice their story before the show. Please submit your story idea via the form below. Once we have considered how/if your story will fit with our current themes and lineups, we will invite you to attend a workshop based in Naperville, IL.


Our workshop space is relaxed and informal. You will tell your story on a small stage with a microphone. When you return to the couches, the group will give feedback. 


Please prepare a story theme from the list below.  Stories, when told, should be no more than 8  minutes long.

Please email or call us with any questions.

Story Themes

Our 2021 shows are all booked. Please submit a story idea for one of our 2022 shows. Themes are listed below

1/20 - Friendship

2/17 - First Love

3/17 - Misinterpretation

4/21 - Choices

5/19 - Heroes


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